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You become able to dance sexy and cool

Soca, Trinidadian popular music that developed in the 1970s and is closely related to calypso. Used for dancing at Carnival and at fetes, soca emphasizes rhythmic energy and studio production—including synthesized sounds and electronically mixed ensemble effects—over storytelling, a quality more typical of calypso songs, which are performed for seated audiences.



MINAMI, she has three regular event at club in Tokyo, and she give a lesson at Osaka, Gunnma, Nagoya, all over the country.

She appear on the big festival stage. Her sexy and powerful dance and her pleasant atmosphere makes people happy.

She also perform as 「Island Gyal(Soca and Reggae」.


MICKY RICH live back dancer
Hyper Reggae TV 
One Love jamaican Festival 2016&2017 performance
Caribbean Latin Festival 2016 performance

OH BOY/ユズンナユズユリー(E-girls)
ragga muffin jungle/to be… PV

Main Lesson:

MON  20:00-21:00 SOCA