Dance Studio Casino’s Countermeasures:


1. In order to keep the studio well-ventilated, the windows of both Studio A and Studio B will remain open, and the air conditioning and the fan will remain on at all times.  

2. Staff and teachers will wear masks, take care of their health, and sanitize as needed. (Please be aware that if a teacher is not feeling well in anyway, we will ask that they not enter the studio.)

3. Street shoes are no longer permitted in the studio. Shoe rental is indefinitely suspended. 

4. In order to prevent droplet transmission from face-to-face contact, a front acrylic sheet will be placed at the reception desk.

5. In order to limit the number of people per class, all classes will be by reservation only. (This includes choreography classes.) 

6. During this period of coronavirus countermeasures only, each lesson will be 45 minutes. Intervals between lessons will be 15 minutes. 

7. In order to avoid crowding, the use of the changing rooms will be limited to one person at a time. 

8. We will no longer accept cash payments. Payments may be made electronically via QR codes, credit cards, or smart transportation cards such as Suica or PASMO. 

9. Studio rental to non-members will be suspended indefinitely. 


*Requests for Members to Create a Safe Studio Environment: 

1. Please refrain from visiting the studio if you are not feeling well or experiencing any novel coronavirus symptoms.  

2. Please refrain from visiting the studio if you or a member of your household has travelled abroad in the past 14 days. 

3. Please sanitize your hands and have your temperature checked when you enter the studio. Students with temperatures 37.5 degrees or over will not be permitted to join class. 

4. Face masks are now required to join class. If you forget your face mask, please purchase one at reception. 

5. The expiration date of all lesson tickets will be extended until December 31, 2020. 


We apologize for any inconvenience these changes may cause, but thank you for your cooperation so that we may all safely enjoy our time at Dance Studio Casino.

Registration Instructions. 

Please click the link-or-button that saysResister membership at the bottom right of the log-in screen and input your information in the requested fields. In the field for Member Number, please input 00000 if you are a new student. If you are a returning student and have forgotten your member number, please input 99999. If you are a returning student and need a new member number, there will be a ¥550 processing fee (tax included). There is only Japanese translation when you register, so please check the English translation below and register it


Please select the lesson youd like to attend and click Next, then input your information in the requested fields. You may also click on the blue button labeled Auto-fillto input your information automatically.

 Once you have filled in your information, please click Next, then click on the blue button labeled Make the reservationto complete your reservation. How to Check Reservation Details Once you reserve your lesson, you will receive a Reservation confirmation E-mailat your registered email address with the details of your reservation. 

Cancellation Instructions. 

  When you reserve a lesson, you will receive a Reservation confirmation E-mailto your registered email address. Please click the link labeled Click here to cancel your reservation.

 Please input your registered email address in the appropriate field, then click the blue button labeled Send confirm email.” 

You will receive an email to your registered email address with the subject line Cancellation instructions.Please copy the authentication code, then click the link in the email. 

Please click the checkbox next to the lesson you wish to cancel, then paste your authentication code into the appropriate field. Please click the blue button labeled Cancel the reservationin order to cancel your reservation. When your cancellation has been confirmed, you will receive another email with the subject line Cancellation completed.


 Please be advised that you must cancel lessons at least 2 hours in advance. IMPORTANT: If there are less than 2 hours until the start of your lesson, please contact the studio directly.