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Perfect Salsa Class must make you feel fulfill.

Veteran instructors will teach you courteously from basic things.

In 19th century, Salsa was born at Oriente district in Cuba and originate from Son which means "music" in Spanish and is Cuban music mixed well by both white and black musics.

Contemporary Salsa was introduced in New York, USA and mixed by various kinds of music. Salsa means "mixed source" so it is called like that.



She started Ballroom Dance since she was 8 year-old and became the youngest all-Japan Championships winner three years in a row .

After that, she appeared on many dance show, TV show and magazines and did a job about choreographing and teaching in active.

She met dance partner from Cuba and turned Salsa dancer. In 2001, she went to Cuba to learn cuban ethnic dances at Conjunto Folklorico de National in a short term and from 2002, she have managed "Dance Studio Casino".

In 2008, she found Japan Salsa Association. She have been trying to spread Salsa Dance. As a part of this, she gave a lecture about salsa dance in Department of Management of Kyoto University (MBA).

Now she perform and hold workshop all over the world and have been serving a judge of World Salsa Championship.

  • Main Lesson:

Mon    Ladies Shine 

Thu  Pair Closed Class

Sat       Pair Closed Class


She had learned since she was 3 year-old and Jazz dance since 16 year-old. After she learned Somatology and theory about dance, She went to NY, USA to learn about techniques of whole kinds of dances at Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre, Martha Graham Dance Campany, Broadway Dance Center and so on.

After coming back to Japan, she appeared TV, CM, events and so on and was in active with Latin dances and the other kind of dances.

She is one of a small number of instructors who can teach in English as well as Japanese.

She is talented to do dance performance, choreographing, teaching, MC and many appearing in many magazines, TVs and events.

Main Lesson:

Tue Perfect Salsa Free Trial

     Perfect Salsa Beginner 1

Thu    Perfect Salsa Beginner 2

Sun    Perfect Salsa Beginner 1

           Perfect Salsa Beginner 2

           Perfect Salsa Beginner 3


He started to dance Salsa from 2004 and he graduated from "Casino Instructor Course".

Belonging to the top team in Casino, Casinos.he had been taught from Alberto Romay and Mika Takenaga.

In 2012, he win the top of Japanese couples of Japan Cup held by Japanese Salsa Association.

Now he is in active not only as instructor of Perfect Salsa but also the central member of some teams of Casino.

Main Lesson:

Sat   Perfect Salsa Beginner 1

      Perfect Salsa Beginner 2

               Perfect Salsa Beginner 3

      Salsa Pair Closed Class


Sun     Perfect Salsa Beginner 1

               Perfect Salsa Beginner 2

               Perfect Salsa Beginner 3


Frank from Cuba will gibe a fun and exiting lesson!

He said "Even you try difficult technique, it will be bad if you can't get into the rhythm." Frank will teach you how to  get into the rhythm and how to dance with joy!

Main Lesson:

Tue:20:30-21:30   Cuban Salsa 


He is from Cuba. He studied at most traditional Cuban national dance company. When he studied at 

Narsiso Medina, he appointed as a teacher. After that he perform at pro dance company"Proyecto Azul" and "Tiempo Havana".

Main lesson:

THU 19:20-20:20 Salsa Suelta

         20:30-21:30 Rumba Wawanco


After learn cuban Dance at Cuban National Dance Company, He teach as a pro dancer in Japan. He won Japan Cup 2009. He and his partner won Japan Cup 2014,2015, won 3rd prizeKorean IDO world championship 2016.

Main lesson:

WED  19:30-20:30 Salsa on1 Club Style

           20:40-21:40 Bachata Fusion



From 1997, she teach latin exercise and aerobics. From 2006 She studied under 
Alberto& Mika. And after that she teach as a Salsa teacher.
In 2008, she went to Cuba national dance company and got the satisfaction. She teach how to dance sexy and powerful.

Main Lesson:

Sat     13:20-14:20 Perfect Salsa Latin movement and  Ladies shine

          14:30-15:30 Perfect Salsa Turn training and Shine

        16:40-17:40 Perfect Salsa Salsa Club Style


◆2004, She went to NY to study dance, and she met salsa dance

◆After back to Japan, She studied under Mitsue who is famous salsa dancer in Japan.

In 2017, she independent. She teach powerful and sexy dance to men, teach flexible and sext dance to woman.



Main lesson:

Sat  18:00-19:00 Powerful Latin(Shine & Movement)