Class schedule on state of emergency

Due to the state of emergency, Class schedule is changed.


●Weekdays schedule

TUE 13:00 Bachata  -HIROMI-

TUE18:00 360° Stretch -LUCA-

TUE19:00 Gorgeous Leg Training -LUCA-

TUE19:00 PS beginner  -HIROMI-

WED19:00 PS Beginner -KAORU-

WED19:00 Bachata Beg0&1 -ERICK-

THU19:30 Ballroom dance Latin -CHONO-

FRI19:00 Tango -EZE-

FRI19:00 Reggaeton -OSMEL-

2nd・4th Friday 11:00 Moms Yoga -MINA-


●Weekend schedule

SUN 12:00 PS beginner class will be closed. Other class will be continued as usual.

For First-Timers




2020.7.1 profile and contents of lesson uploaded.

2020.7.1 Canceled and substituted classes uploaded.

Next 19, September

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