Our Lessons

Styles Offered

At Casino we offer various styles of dance. We are a Latin Dance Studio specializing mainly in Salsa. Our primary Salsa lessons are taught according to our 'Perfect Salsa' curriculum. However, aside from Salsa, we offer several dances in numerous genres. Our lessons can be broken into the following categories:

Taking lessons

We strongly suggest that you come in for a Trial Lessons to start with. Our Trials explain the absolute basics of the dances, and are aimed to give you a good idea of what to expect in our regular lessons. We offer free trials in the following genres:

After your trial lesson, you will need to pay a one time only membership fee of ¥3,300-.

Afterwards, pay ¥2,800- for each lesson you take.

For Students who are interested in taking Perfect Salsa lessons, we offer several discounts and incentives with our Perfect Salsa lesson plan .

For those who are interested in learning more about Perfect Salsa and the Perfect Salsa Lesson plan, please continue to our Perfect Salsa fact page. Just click the banner.