Dispatch Style Instructors Services

Founder and Managing Director of Dance Studio Casino 

Try dance lessons anytime, anywhere you want!

-Introducing private VIP dance lessons at your preferred location-

We will arrange professional dance instructors (Salsa, Latin etc..) to provide you with a customized lesson program.

  • Lessons can be arranged anytime, anywhere (indoor and outdoor) at your convenience.
  • We have various types of lessons (Salsa, Argentine tango, Bachata, Belly dance, Jazz dance, Pilates and Yoga).
  • Both one-time lessons and regular lessons (weekly, monthly) are available.
  • If you have trouble securing a location to be used for lessons, our studio can be made available.
  • Our instructors are available also for events and wedding parties.

We have successfully arranged private lessons at:

  • Foreign companies that have special benefit programs for employees.
  • Outdoor parties and events.
  • Various kinds of associations.