Perfect Salsa Class

Is this your very first encounter with Salsa ?

Perfect Salsa Classes provide you with the comprehensive support you need:

A Salsa curriculum based on our own Studio Casino produced Perfect Salsa DVD set!!!

Regular Lessons with our Perfect Salsa Curriculum

Perfect Salsa is a style of salsa, unique to Dance Studio Casino, created by studio owner Mika Takenaga and her partner, Alberto Romay (Cuba). It is an international style of salsa, which makes use of elements from Cuban Style, L.A. Style, and Latin Ballroom Dance, and is suitable for club dancing as well as stage performance. Mika and Alberto published their unique salsa dancing on a 6 DVD set, which serves as the curriculum for our Perfect Salsa lessons at Casino. For each lesson level, there is a corresponding lesson DVD--which means that reviewing lessons can be a simple matter of viewing our lesson DVD's in the comfort of your home.

Step 1 : Trial lesson (an introduction to the very basics)

Come in for a Trial Lesson and decide whether Perfect Salsa is for you.

We have several Trial Lessons in Perfect Salsa & other genres throughout the week.

We often have several people attending, so don't hesitate to come alone.

We certainly don't mind if you bring friend as well.

Step 2 : Membership & Lesson Fee (2 types)

Lesson Plan Membership 

Purchase a lesson plan:

5times Plan ¥20,150

 ★Special Offer★

-Membership fee 50%OFF-

-Party entrance 50%OFF -

-Lesson DVD- 

10 times Plan ¥31,050

 ★Special Offer★

-Membership fee 50%OFF-

-Party entrance for free -

-1 lesson free ticket (If you become a member on the day)-

-Lesson DVD- 

15 times Plan ¥42,050

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-Party entrance for free -

-2 lesson free ticket (If you become a member on the day)-

-Lesson DVD- 


50% discounted Membership Fee



Discounted Lesson Ticket



Perfect Salsa Lesson DVD 


Regular Membership


Pay a one time Membership fee of ¥3,300-



¥2,800-/1 lesson 

-¥500/1 lesson for Students


Regular Tickets


★If you are student,  the membership fee will be ¥1,650 off!

Step 3 : Beginner 1 (Average Duration : 10 to 15 lessons)

Beginner 1 serves an introduction to the very basics of Perfect Salsa: We focus on weight change within the 3 basic steps; the concept of lead and follow; basic turns (left, right, half), etc. These are the necessary elements that will allow you to dance a full song without getting bored, and are elements that are standard regardless of style.

Step 4 : Beginner 2  (Average Duration : 25 to 30 lessons)

Beginner 2 focusses on a few more difficult concepts within partnering: walking turns for women, two handed turns, styling within pairwork. We will also work on some variations of the basic steps that will allow you to be more creative and add a touch of flavor with your dancing. We will cover a few of the turns which lead to double turns for women.

Step 5 : Beginner 3  (Average Duration : 35 to 40 lessons)

Beginner 3 focusses on the technique necessary for double turns. We will cover variations of the walking truns covered in Beginner 2, helping to expand upon your vocabulary of partnered steps. We will break away slightly from the conventional flow of partnering in 1 & 2 and work on further variations of steps that require a solid grasp of lead and follow. We will also continue to work on styling within partner work.

Step 6 : Intermediate 

Intermediate 1 is intended for proficient salsa dancers. Men must have a solid grasp of timing alongside lead and follow, and women will need to be proficient in their turns and balance. We will work on variations of fixed turns and walking turns and the techniques necessary to connect them together while abandoning the conventional forward and back (slot) movement of traditional salsa styles.