Rental Studio

◯ I want to take private lessons

◯ I want to practice on my own while looking in the mirror...

◯ Rehearsal for a performance


As a service exclusive to CASINO members,

you can use it at a discounted rate.



(2or more people)

¥1,200- /h

※per person






 A-studio ¥6,500- per hour

B-studio ¥4,000- per hour

※ For TV shootings, etc.,

if you want to avoid sound,

we will suggest reserving both sides.

※ Please consult us about the number of people.

※We are not currently accepting rentals after 22:00.

Reservation Procedure:


■ Applications can be made via email, phone, or in person at the studio reception.

■ After applying, please note that the reservation is officially confirmed only upon receiving the confirmation notification.

■ When making a reservation, please be sure to inform us of the expected number of participants.

■ The rental time is basically charged in one-hour increments.

■ Up to five slots can be reserved in one week. If the desired time is available the day before or on the day itself, we will respond flexibly, so please consult us.

■ Cancellation Policy

Cancellation is free until the day before (within business hours). On the day, you will be charged 100% of the rental fee.

■ Use after 23:30 is treated as "late-night rental." ※ We are not currently accepting this.

■ Payment for the studio and registration must be made before the rental begins on the day. (For first-time users, payment must be made in advance.)

Prepayment is also possible. We can issue invoices and receipts, so please let us know if you need them.

■ Please understand that the staff on the day will handle your needs.


Desks: 8 (Mini tables 2, Long desks 6) Wi-Fi
Chairs: 16 (Single-seat sofas 4, Round chairs 12) Yoga mats: 6         
Sound equipment: In each studio + Bluetooth speakers Yoga blocks: 7
Lighting equipment: In each studio + Photography lights Yoga belts: 7
Ballet bar: 1 in Studio A, 1 freestanding 3m bar (height adjustable) Vending machine: 1
Whiteboard: 1 Clothes rack: 1
Monitor for DVD viewing  


※ Suitable for photo shoots and video recordings.

Floor Plan: 

◯ Studio A

Double-sided mirrors, sound equipment, mixer, air conditioning,

Lighting (fluorescent lights, spotlights), ballet bar

Approximately 24 tatami mats in size.

◯ Studio B

Single-sided mirror, sound equipment, air conditioning,

Lighting (fluorescent lights, spotlights)