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Argentine TANGO

Great skilled teachers who learn in Argentina teach you genuine Tango !! They teach you kindly by dancing with you.

Tango was born in 19th century. 

It became popular at cabaret and brothel for the first time. To make the image of brothel more elegant, the owner began to call it "Dance Academy". It have been said that Tango show the relationship between the owner and whore and we dance Tango with sticking each breast like hug.

More popular Tango become, the steps of Tango have been changed as same as Salsa. As the years go to by, Tango is spread all of the world. In USA and Europe, Ballroom Tango became popular first and it is not so much sexy way compared with Argentine Tango.

− Come to enjoy the argentine tango a sensual dance where you enjoy and can improvise into of that system, music and tango embrace, in one accessible and  friendly place like Studio Casino −




He had been learned from Gustavo Naveira, who is called "Maestro" of Classical Tango and Gabriel Angio, who dance with new style generation. He had been dancing and performing at the best tangerias' and stages like  Esquina Homero Manzi and so on.


He performed and taught at Europe (Italy, Spain, Germany, Rusia) and South America (Brazil Paraguay Colombia) in his long career.

Also he had learned the Conservatory of music Manuel de Falla and he can teach his tango lesson with very attractive knowledges about music.


From 2007, he moved to Japan and is in active with many times of performances.

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He is from Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

After he had learned Argentine Tango at dance school of  folklore until 11 year-old, he learned tango, contemporary dance, contact improvisation and yoga and he taught at DNI Tango. 

He performed many festivals and stages when he belonged to DNI like "La Collection Los Tangos de Una Vida" which was produced by Dana Frigoli, Pablo Villaraza.

From 2009 he invited to teach at Zero Hour which is first tango school with original method founded by Juan Guida.

He won the 2nd place at Asia Tango Championship in 2013.

He performed and did workshop at festivals of Taiwan, Indnasia and Singapore in 2014.

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Agata is professional dancer.She started showing talent for dancing from an early age, taking up ballroom dancing when she was 15 and also studying classic and modern jazz dance. 

Until 2000 as an active dancer and competitor she held a number of titles in Latin American and Standard dance championships in Poland include the prize as champion of Latin dance in1998 Polish West Open.

Since then actively performing in the ballroom scene of her native Poland and other countries in Europe, appearing on stage in events, on cruise ships etc.

She arrive to Japan as a professional dancer and performer.She has been trained by master teachers from all over the world and through years develop her skills based on various forms of dance and body training.

Since 2003 she start her journey with tango,also taking tango lessons with top masters.

In 2006 she became a member of the TANGO XXI crew, and since then has been performing in many shows and events with her partner Juan Guida around Japan and Asia.

In her career she perform in several live shows (Mama Mia Broadway show at Tokyo Conrad Hotel,Tango Libertad,...) charity parties, worked as back dancer for Namie Amuro, News, Hirai Ken, Ito Yuna, live exhibitions for Luis Vuitton, Cartier, Escada, Hermes, Junko Koshino behind many other big TV productions as well.

For 4 years she was also a member and regular dancer of Tokyo International Luciano Dance Show.In 2013 with her recent partner Ezequiel Gomez she became Asian Vice Champion in Stage tango at the Asian Tango Championship in Tokyo.

Until now she actively work as a talent, model,performer,Tango teacher and certificate Pilates instructor. She speaks fluently her native Polish, English and Japanese.

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