Profile and contents of lesson


You can start Ballet from adult here. Don't worry about how is your flexibility and so on. The teacher will teach following your physical fitness and experience.

Men can learn from this class also.

The teacher is a active dancer.

You can take high quality and enjoyable lesson here.

Ballet have longer history than the other kind of stage dances. Ballet is born in Italy, 15th century, and it became international trend art in France and is a central dance in whole Europe. It is disappeared in Europe, 19th century but reborn in Russia and become important there.

Its skill was polished up for several hundred years so it is just dance for stage and more focus on making beautiful body movement and line than social dances like salsa dance ,swing and so on. 


Yuika Suzuki

 Since three years old she started ballet. She learned classic ballet, modern ballet Japanese dance at college. After graduation, she joined Tokyo Komaki Ballet squad. Nowadays, she teaches from child to adult.And also she is ballet dancer on the active list.

Main Lesson:

Friday    11:30-13:00   Ballet Beginner