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Teacher who succeeded at Conjunto Folkl rico Nacional de Cuba will teach you!!

Rumba is one of the most erotic and sensual of all the Latin dance styles due to its slow rhythms and hip movements that create intense bodily expressions. Rumba is related to Afro-Cuban music, which was introduced to Cuba by African slaves in the sixteenth century. It is also influenced by the music brought to Cuba by Spanish Colonizers.



 He born in Cuba. He started dance since He was ten. In he was 19, he joined professional theater company. He came Japan to perform musical "Noche Tropica". It performed at Nippon Budoukan. In 1994, he served as dancer and teacher at "Tropicana" in cuba. 

Main Lesson:

土曜 19:30-20:30 Rumba & Showdance


He is from Cuba. He studied at most traditional Cuban national dance company. When he studied at 

Narsiso Medina, he appointed as a teacher. After that he perform at pro dance company"Proyecto Azul" and "Tiempo Havana".

Main lesson:

THU 19:20-20:20 Yoruba

         20:30-21:30 Rumba Wawanco


 Born in 1979 in Cuba. He learned dance at Conjuto Folklorico Nacional de Cuba. He appeared in several TV, movie, Musuc Video. Now, he active as bridge between Cuba and Japan.

Main Lesson:

Fri     20:30-21:30   Afro&Rumba

Sat 18:00-19:00 Reggaeton