We can highly recommend this project. You should take it if you want to develop your all of dancing!!


This is the new project to scout and invite to do workshop in Casino Studio.

We Recommend for...


Who want to take the lesson you cannot take normally 

 Who want to take the lesson by worldwide succeeded dancer directly


Who want to learn the way of expression and musicality useful for any kinds of dance.


Who want to win at competition 


Who want to improve your skill in short term



You can take the lesson by dancers scouted, invited and recommended by Casino Studio.



These lessons are so easy to attend. You can take many lessons and learn so many things like studying abroad.



We invite the great dancers who are in active so much ll over the world. Also they hold attractive lessons with their speciality and unique sense.



You can satisfy what you want by taking Private Lessons. 



There is a limited-time free ticket for the lesson of Casino World Project.


The 3 ways for taking lessons of CASINO WORLD PROJECT

World Project Ticket 

5 Lessons

10 Lessons 15 Lessons


(¥3,820- Value)


(¥7,048- Value)


(¥9,762- Value)


The expiration date is a year!

You can take your favor lesson easily!!



You can take the classes of Perfect Salsa or The Other Open Classes with these tickets.


Taking lessons by Cash

Members ¥3,500-/a lesson



It is useful for who cannot come to studio so easily.



Students can take ¥500- off in each time. 


 Limited-time Free Ticket

Members only ¥20,000-/ per a month 


We recommend this to who want to develop in short term.



The more times you take the lessons, the cheeper you take the lesson next time.